My master thesis is now (finally) online

After a few year, I just realise that admin of theoretical physics group at Imperial has (finally) put year 2013’s master thesis online! If you are interested in what my friends and I have been doing in our 3 months of what should be a summer break, please check it out here! Be aware … Continue reading

Tom Kibble at 80

A couple of days ago (on 13th of March), my department celebrated the 80th birthday of Tom Kibble,one of their most outstanding senior members. Well…it’s quite a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday (in fact, 13th Mar is not Kibble’s actual birthday, according to Wikipedia). They managed to invite 4 big name physicist whom their … Continue reading

Fay Dowker – Spacetime Atoms and the Unity of Physics (Perimeter Public Lecture)

For Thai readers who are not comfortable of reading such article in English. This post is originally posted in Thai at,5769.0.html (Although the video’s contents is apparently in English) I believe almost all of my readers have heard the name Stephen Hawking. But…do you really know why he is so damn famous. Other than … Continue reading


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